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Project IceLift technology

… leave today and come back after 50 years…

   IceLift technology is built on the newest achievements of cryogenics. Although we describe the whole process as „freezing“ to simplify its comprehension, in reality the human body is for the significant amount of time only overcooled - and its human functions are strongly slowed down. The overcooling is accomplished using a special method named IPECF (Internal Pulse Evaporating Cooling and Freezing), which preserves all body tissues in an unchanged quality for a very long time.
   Long-term tests on animals and tests made on humans clearly confirmed high reliability of this method. Human body is stressed only during the processes of freezing and de-freezing – that is the reason why we accept only people in very good physical condition for IceLift project. After de-freezing people usually experience a slight perplexity, but it vanishes in a few hours.
   Participants perceive the period of freezing like sleeping. During this time body aging is strongly slowed down - to about 231.53 hours in one year. It means the participants will be 482 days (1.3 year) older after 50 years.
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